Custom Card Guards | Custom Poker Chip Card Guards

Custom Card Guards

Welcome to! We will make you the best personalized Poker Chip Card Guard that you can find. Our Custom Card Guards are made with the highest quality materials and come with a money back guarantee.

Custom Card GuardBetter yet, we will do it all for only $14.00 and the shipping and Airtite Acrylic Case are on us! And yes, you read that right! Only $14 and FREE SHIPPING. Whereas, most custom companies will charge an excess of $20+ for the chip and $5+ for the case plus shipping charges. We will do it all for a grand total of $14. This is a limited introductory price so act now before the pricing goes up.

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Why You Need a Card Guard

Custom Card Guards | Poker Chips

So here is what you need to do: Order your custom card guard poker chip for only $14, then provide us with the image, saying, quote, logo, etc., that you want on your chip. Your chip will be custom created and shipped out as soon as your design is approved. Please allow for adequate shipping time. You can email any questions or inquires to and thank you for checking out our custom card guard poker chips.

Custom Card Guards                                                    ONLY $14.00

Describe Your Text or Image

*please note when you supply us with a custom image that you take sole responsibility for the use of the image, and you are giving us permission to use it. By providing us with said image you are claiming to be the owner of said image and or have the legal permission or right to use said image.*

Also, that the higher the quality of image, the better your custom card guard will come out.

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8 thoughts on “Custom Card Guards | Custom Poker Chip Card Guards”

  1. Very Cool site. last time I bought custom card protectors from some other site and they made me do a minimum order of 10 pieces. I like that you guys do not require a minimum order.

  2. Thank you! 🙂
    My brother is into poker big time. He loved the poker protector I bought for him through you guys!

  3. Softwаre іn poker tоols сomе in different foгms and hаve different funсtions.
    If you know of a client whο’s worked with them, throw that in there too. What most poker amateurs don’t know is that onlіne
    playеrs use the ѕаmе strаtegy.

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